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GCF - Accelerating Low Carbon
# 00105006
Budget :$2,710,261
Expense :$1,802,099
Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Zones
# 00062857
Budget :$1,525,000
Expense :$625,662
Mainstreaming Biodiversity into the management of CZM
# 00090446
Budget :$700,000
Expense :$216,268
Protecting biodiversity
# 00058905
Budget :$497,168
Expense :$485,949
Removal of Barriers to Solar PV Power Generation MRU
# 00060842
Budget :$275,981
Expense :$58,147
Integrated Water Resources Management
# 00060592
Budget :$147,205
Expense :$141,317
Management Plan
# 00027090
Budget :$137,856
Expense :$25,467
Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency (PPG)
# 00094280
Budget :$131,904
Expense :$54,849
Inclusive Development and Public Sector Efficiency
# 00102319
Budget :$102,500
Expense :$50,912
Strengthening ANBO UNESCO
# 00097212
Budget :$100,000
Expense :$0
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Data under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Our Focus is based on the Strategic Plan 2014-2017 and corporate-level mapping to the SDGs. Data will be updated to the Strategic Plan 2018-2021 and country-level SDG mapping from September 2018
Our Focus
% of Budget
93.2%Inclusive Growth$6.27M
Budget - Expense
Inclusive Growth
Democratic Governance
SDGAbout SDG DataThe methodology applied to map delivered resources and results against the SDGs is evolving. UNDP Projects generating results linked to SDG 8 (jobs) and SDG 10 (on inequality) have been captured against SDG 1 and SDG 16 portfolios. UNDP Projects with results associated to SDG 14 (on Oceans) have been captured under SDG-15.
% of Budget
sdg image70.8%Climate action
Budget - Expense
sdg image
Climate action
sdg image
Life on Land
sdg image
No poverty
sdg image
UNDP Strategic Plan IRRF Indicators
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Total number of additional peoplebenefitting from livelihoods strengthened ofNumber of new partnership mechanisms withfunding for sustainable management solutionsNumber of additional males benefitting fromlivelihoods strengthened through solutionsNumber of additional females benefittingfrom livelihoods strengthened through for ofNumber of women above 15 years of age whoacquired new jobs through a UNDP-supportedExtent to which implementation ofcomprehensive measures - plans, strategies,Number of men above 15 years of age whoacquired new jobs through a UNDP-supportedExtent to which of policy and institutionalreforms increase access to social protectionTotal number of people above 15 years of agewho acquired new jobs through a project onExtent to which climate finance is beingaccessed (by government and non-governmentExtent of financial sustainability of socialprotection systemsExtent to which there is a strengthenedsystem in place to access, deliver, monitor,Extent to which of policy and institutionalreforms increase access to social protectionExtent to which of policy and institutionalreforms increase men's access to social theExtent to which of policy and institutionalreforms increase women's access to social at84%100%126%42%120%75%108%100%110%100%100%75%100%100%100%0%100%
* Current year data unavailable. Showing figures from 2017
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Country programme document for Mauritius, 2017-2020
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